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Wolfram von Bielefelt ([personal profile] bielefelt) wrote2012-12-06 11:48 pm
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[Somarium] VOICEMAIL

You have reached Wolfram von Bielefelt. Leave a message.
If you require my presence, I'll get back to you.
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[ yuuri is like face seconds away to facepalming because he dug his own grave didn't he???? he didn't want to give bad first impressions to wolfram on sara because that's not exactly fair is it? that'll be like insider info or something like that... ]

I doubt he'll try to kill me or anything, so it's okay! [ probably ]

And he probably does know you because he's from a point in time that's the future for you?
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[ HE DOESN'T HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN ALL THIS RIGHT NOW especially since's just about reached Sara ]

I'm gonna try to find that out now if he's from my future or not. [ this is very important crazy shit could have happened and maybe they WERE friends (notlikely) ]

And... he isn't a close friend okay? More like... a close acquaintance. Yeah. [ sounds a little more accurate ]

I've reached where Sara is so just text me if you need me okay?
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[ it's slower than the previous responses since he's talking to Sara.. ]

i will!
but hes more than just an acquaintance. so i thought close acquaintance was better?
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[ he has to look two times at that. because seriously what does he mean by that?!! he does his best to not look at Sara suspiciously. did he mean when he shared water with Yuuri? ]

did he say anything else?
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[ yuuri has no idea how to answer this for a moment. there were so many things he didn't understand (as if that was new) ]

i think us three should talk about all this

[ communication should help with all this confusion and questions... right? ]